These are my Degus

What are degus ?

Degus are social animals, who live in groups in the mountains of Chili. Becausethey are used to company, you must always buy them in pairs. They best options is to buy a pair of females, preferably sisters fron the same nest. Males will sometime argue and fight. This will result in injuries. Males and females mixed, will only lead to large families and you will need a bigger cage.

Mixing females also tends to work good. After 1 of my older females died I had a 6 year old female left. I successfully introducted a pair of very young females to her and they lived all 3 together for another year. Just do the introduction slowly, pererably in a way the can see and smell each other, but cannot touch.

Degus are active the whole day. The tend to sleep for 2 hours and the be active for a few hours. This means that you can see them the whole day. This is a major difference compared to hamsters and chinchilla's who are only active during the night.

Taking care of themI

Degus are easy to take care of, as long as you keep some things in mind :


Here are some pictures. Click on them to get a larger one.




  Eelco van Vliet, 2008